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The ideal solution
for electric car charging

Evergy Kft. deals with the installation and operation of electric car chargers.
Our goal is to enable charging at home (family house, apartment building) and at the workplace.

We provide a full range of services, from on-site technical surveys, to installation, to operation.

With us, building electric car charging infrastructure will be an efficient and smooth process!

Ask for our free on-site survey!

Choose the type of car charging!

Egy elektromos autó töltődik családi ház előtt

We provide a fast and safe solution for  home charging. This way you can enjoy all the advantages of charging at home.

Egy család társasházban tölti elektromos autóját

The solution offered by Evergy makes it possible to charge electric cars at home, even for residents of condominiums.

Elektromos autó töltő csatlakozó egy parkolóhelyen

The solution offered by Evergy enables workplace charging for all employees, thereby increasing employee satisfaction.

What do we offer?

Our company deals with the installation of electric car chargers and the operation of charging infrastructure. 


Building an electric car charging infrastructure is often a difficult task for apartment buildings and office buildings. Evergy helps by providing a simple solution for installing electric car chargers in family houses, apartment buildings, office buildings, and company premises.


In condominiums and office buildings, it is often difficult to track the consumption of electric car chargers. This means extra work for the joint representation and makes the work of the property manager more difficult.

That is why we take over the tasks associated with operation.

About Evergy - Why choose us?

Evergy is a company specializing in the installation of electric car chargers, and has its own construction team.

We provide a fast and safe solution for building charging at home.

Advantages of Evergy:

  • Fast reaction time

  • Professional technical execution

  • Competitive price

  • Experience in the market

Would you like to know more about the company, its background and operations?

Are you interested in what references we have?

Get to know the history of Evergy, our team, view our references or read our published articles!

Kép az Evergy csapatáról

Are you interested in what others think of us?


Read reviews about us!

How does the process of installing an electric car charger look like?

Contact us!

You can contact us by:

1. Filling in the form on the target groups page. Our colleagues will contact you within a few days. 

2. Use one of the contact details on the contact page.

Request our free on-site survey!


Our technical colleagues will go to your property at a time agreed with you and assess the available capacity. 

You can read more about the on-site survey in our blog article.

Based on the on-site survey, we will prepare an offer for you!

When making an offer, we take into account the available capacity, the length of the track between the clock and the charger, and the type of car.

For more information please check our services page.

After completing the fee request, we will install the charging device  on your property on the pre-arranged day!

The installation is carried out by our qualified electricians in accordance with current standards.

Installing an electric car charger takes an average of 1-2  days. 

After accepting the offer, we will conclude a contract with you!

To draw up the contract, you will only need your data and a mutually agreed installation date. 

Together with the contract, we will also send you a fee request for half of the installation fee.

The deployment process may vary depending on the type of property. To view the process tailored to your property select your property type!

Our partners

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Read our free guide to condominium car charging options, or search the knowledge base!

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