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Egy elektromos autó töltő bedugva, háttérben egy autó tölt

Electric Car Charging for companies

With the increase in the number of electric cars, company electric car charging is becoming increasingly prominent, which has many advantages. On the one hand, it is more cost-effective than charging at street charging stations, and also more time-saving. On the other hand, since this opportunity appears as an expectation for more and more employees, company electric car charging can be a competitive advantage over other companies.

We generally distinguish between two types of company electric car charging, the AC (alternating current charger) is slower, while the DC (direct current) charger provides faster charging.

In order to choose the right charger, many aspects must be considered, such as the power available in the property or the profile of the company.

To take advantage of the benefits, it is vital to choose a car charger that meets the company's needs. That is why it is important to have the necessary information before setting up the company's electric car charging station.

What is corporate electric car charging?

Company electric car charging means charging company cars in the parking lot of the company's office or premises.

The charging process itself is the same as charging an electric car at home (in a family house, condominium). However, in the case of company car charging, the company owns the chargers and the employees only have the right to use them, in contrast to home charging, when the resident owns the charger. Accordingly, in the case of company charging, it is necessary to identify individual users, since one charger can be used by many employees.


What are the advantages of company electric car charging?

Advantages of company electric car charging.

  • Cost savings

  • Efficiency improvement

  • Achieving a competitive advantage

  • Employee satisfaction


Cost savings: Corporate charging of electric cars results in lower costs than if employees charge at public street charging stations.


Improving efficiency and achieving a competitive advantage: Company electric car charging enables the continuous charging of employees or fleet vehicles, which ensures the continuity and efficiency of business activities.


Achieving a competitive advantage: By providing charging for the company's electric car, you can prepare to meet future needs and position your company as an innovative, socially responsible business. Providing company electric car charging sets companies apart from their competitors.


Employee satisfaction: Company electric car charging is increasingly becoming an expectation in the eyes of employees, according to a recent survey, two-thirds of company car owners prefer company charging.

What types of company electric car chargers are there?

We can separate the company's electric car chargers based on the type of current.

  • AC (alternating current) chargers

  • DC (direct current) chargers


AC chargers are alternating current chargers, which usually provide a lower power, i.e. they are capable of charging 7.4 - 22 kW per hour. That is why they are often called slow chargers, because they charge electric cars in significantly more time than DC chargers. However, this is not a technical term, just common usage in everyday life. AC chargers can be wall or column chargers, depending on whether there is a surface where I want to install the charger.


DC chargers are direct current chargers, which usually provide higher power, i.e. they are capable of charging 22-50 kW per hour. That is why they are often called fast chargers, because they charge the battery of an electric car in as little as half an hour. However, this is not a technical term, just common usage in everyday life. DC chargers cannot be mounted on a wall, as they are quite large.

How do I choose the right electric car charger?

To choose the right electric car charger, it is worth considering a few aspects.

  • Power available on site

  • Number of cars you want to charge

  • Company profile

  • Required functions

  • Range of users


Power available on site

Before installing the chargers, it is necessary to check how much free capacity there is that could be used for charging. This can determine what and how many electric car chargers can be installed. Installable electric car chargers are covered in the next section.


Number of cars you want to charge

It is worth considering how many people will need an electric car to charge, that is, how many electric cars are currently in the fleet and when expansion is planned. Although many people imagine that it is necessary to install a charger in every parking space, this is not true in all cases. In general, a company charger can usually be used comfortably by 3 people.


Company profile

If most of the company's employees work in an office and use the electric car for daily commuting or short trips, there is more time available to charge the electric cars, so a lower power AC charger may also be suitable. If there are many employees who have to travel long distances every day, for example transporters or regional representatives, then it is necessary to charge your car in a limited time, for which it is worth choosing a higher-performance DC charger.


Required functions

With company charging it is necessary to consider what functions are necessary for efficient operation. In the case of a larger company or a high proportion of electric cars, it may be necessary to create different user groups, different pricing or packages. Otherwise, if only 1-2 electric cars need charging, a simpler charger may be suitable without software solutions. If the company has a solar panel, it may also be necessary to integrate it, which not all chargers are suitable for.


Range of users

Companies have the option to make chargers available only to employees. However, if you want to provide charging to customers who come to the company, or if you want to earn extra income, you can also operate the charging station as a public charging station.

How many electric car chargers will my company need?

How many electric car chargers a company will need depends on the number of cars and parking spaces , the type of chargers, and the available power.


The number of installable chargers can be increased by using energy management. It is a smart device that can monitor the consumption of the property at every moment and distributes the remaining free energy between the car chargers.

Under what conditions can the company's electric car charging network be built?

The company's electric car charging network can be built if the following conditions exist.

  • The electrical network is in good condition

  • Fire zone boundaries are properly established

  • There is a minimum capacity in the community hour (at least 3*16 A / charger)

  • The company has a privately owned garage or parking spaces


What requirements must the office building's electrical network meet?

The company's electrical network does not have to meet special technical requirements to build an electric car charger. It is sufficient if it fulfills the conditions necessary for everyday operation.

What infrastructural changes might be necessary during the installation of an electric car charger?

In some cases, it may be necessary to expand the meter or upgrade the meter. If the previous conditions are met, there is no need for infrastructural changes during the installation of the electric car charger.

What permits are required in order to be able to install the electric car charging system at the company?

The permission of the owner of the parking lot is required for the installation of the company's electric car charging system. Obtaining the permit has no financial implications, the turnaround time is between 1 day and 2 weeks.


The permission of the electricity supplier and disaster management is not required to build an electric car charging system.

How can I build the company electric car charging station if we rent the office building?

If the office building is rented, the permission of the owner of the property is required to build the company electric car charging station.


Before building the company's electric car charging station, it is important to check the lease agreement, which may contain a clause that allows or excludes "building development".

Under what conditions can the company's electric car charging network NOT be built?

The company's electric car charging network cannot be built if the following conditions exist.​

  • The apartment building's mains network is outdated

  • Fire zone boundaries are not properly established

  • The capacity in the community meter is low (less than 3*16 A / charger)

  • ​The company does not have a privately owned garage or parking spaces

  • The owner does not contribute to the construction of the company's electric car charging network

How much does it cost to charge a company electric car?

On the one hand, charging a company electric car has a one-time cost , which includes the construction of the charging infrastructure, the installation and commissioning of the chargers. This cost depends on the state of the company's electrical network, the number and type of chargers, the length of the wiring, the number of RFID cards, and the need for an Internet connection.

In addition, there are monthly recurring costs for charging the company's electric car, which are related to operation and maintenance. It depends on the number and type of chargers, the operator, and the frequency of breakdowns.

What are the costs of installing an electric car charger?

The costs of installing a company electric car charger

  • Charger, charging column

  • Cabling

  • Earthwork

  • Implementation documentation

  • Commissioning

  • Energy management

  • Setting up RFID cards

  • Web portal setup and user training

  • Electrical Safety Review

What are the monthly operating costs of charging an electric car?

Charging an electric car has several monthly costs

  • Electricity cost of the energy consumed

  • Occasional maintenance and repair costs

  • Monthly fee for operation (if an external company does it)

  • Monthly fee for public chargers

How much does it cost to maintain the company's electric car charging system annually?

The maintenance of the company's electric car charging system costs a minimum of HUF 30,000 per charger per year. This includes technical assistance, occasional repairs and regular maintenance.


The cost of maintaining the company's electric car charging system depends on:

  • the number of chargers

  • contractual conditions

  • the maintenance partner


How is the company electric car charging accounted for?

RFID is one of the easiest tools to use to account for the charging of the company's electric car.


The RFID card allows the car owner to be identified and authenticated at the charging station. RFID cards can be used to easily track charging operations and bill users for the charging service.

Every employee who uses the company's electric car chargers receives an RFID card, which can be used to identify who, when and how much was charged. The company gets access to an online interface that shows the consumption data for each card during a given period.

About Evergy - Why choose us?

Evergy is a company specializing in the installation of electric car chargers, and has its own construction team.

We provide a fast and safe solution for installing a workplace charging station.

Advantages of Evergy:

  • Safe home and company charging

  • Comprehensive service

  • Cost-effective design

  • Easily traceable consumption

Egy töltőkábel be van dugva a töltőbe egy cég garázsában

Home and company charging

We can provide both company and home electric car charging, including accounting and operation.



We will help you every step of the way. After setting up the system and installing the chargers, we also undertake the operation.

Számológép és malacpersely jelképezi a megtakarítást


Thanks to energy management, there is no need

to open a new meter, so you can save on costs.

Laptop kimutatással

Easily traceable consumption

The consumption of individual car chargers can be easily separated on the platform provided by us.

What does the process of building a home electric car charger look like?

Contact us!

You can contact us by:

1. The form on the right by filling it out. Our colleagues will contact you within a few days. 

2. Using one of the contact details on the contact page.

Kapcsolatfelvételi form

Let us know your request and we will help you in the next steps of the process!

After accepting the offer, we will conclude a contract with you!

To draw up the contract, you will only need your data and a mutually agreed installation date. 

Together with the contract, we will also send you a fee request for half of the installation fee.

Based on the on-site survey, we will prepare an offer for you!

When making an offer, we take into account the available capacity, the length of the wiring between the meter and the charger, and the type of car.

For more information on our services you can read on page

Request our free on-site survey!

Our technical colleagues will go to the premises at a time agreed with you and assess the available capacity. 

More about the on-site survey in our blog article  you can read. 

After completing the fee request, we will install the charging device in your house on the pre-arranged day!

The installation is carried out by our qualified electricians in accordance with current standards.

Installing an electric car charger takes an average of one and a half days. 

After the installation, we can also take over the operation of the chargers if required.

Operation includes billing, maintenance and technical assistance. 

Please contact us if you have any questions!

How is the on-site survey carried out before installing the company's electric car chargers?

The on-site survey consists of the following steps:


  1. Contact

  2. Scheduling an appointment for the on-site survey

  3. Assessment of the state and capacity of the electrical network

  4. Discussing needs and ideas

  5. Visiting a parking lot or premises


Is the preliminary on-site assessment free?

Yes, the preliminary on-site survey is free.

What happens after electric car chargers are installed?

After the successful installation, training on how to use the web portal will take place, the costs of which are usually included in the offer received. After that, the RFID cards can be distributed to the employees. The company has these two one-time tasks after installation. In addition, at certain times (monthly, quarterly) users must be settled and invoiced for the price of the energy used to charge the car. This means no extra costs for the company.

After installation, the maintenance of the chargers is also an important task, which needs to be carried out at certain intervals, and we also provide assistance with this. During operation, it is important to ensure that only the company's employees can use the electric car chargers.

What kind of technical support does Evergy provide us in maintaining the chargers?

We undertake the operation, which includes technical assistance, mandatory inspections and the correction of occasional errors.

How often should maintenance be performed on the company's electric car charging system?

As part of the annual planned preventive maintenance, the electrical safety inspection must be carried out every 3 years, and the standardization inspection every 6 years.

How can we ensure that only our colleagues use the electric car chargers in the office building?

Limiting access to electric car chargers can be solved with an RFID card. Charging only starts when the RFID card is identified, without it, the charging would not start, even if the charging cable was plugged into the charger.

Colleagues who own an electric car and are allowed company charging can be assigned a card that only they can use.

Is it possible to install additional electric car chargers later?

Yes, it is also possible to install additional electric cars later, if there is still free capacity and the charger can be integrated into our system. If this is not possible or there is not enough capacity, it is necessary to expand the meter or open a new meter.

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